As an Interior Designer I am regularly asked by my clients about gas log fires, and as to whether or not they should install one in their new home or during their renovation. My answer is always a resounding, yes! because a gas log fire will enhance the interior of any home. They are both functional & stylish.

Gas log fires are not only an efficient, instant & low cost form of heating, they transform a living space, by giving it a focal point, a sense of warmth and luxury and add ambiance all year round.

Gas log fires offers everything you love about open fires, but without hassle, smoke & mess.

Combined with stone, custom cabinetry, a mantle or all three a gas log fire becomes the anchor point of any home that is both functional & stylish.If you are interested in transforming your home with a gas log fire I can provide you with all the product information & design advice (Including concept imagery) you require & refer you to my expert installers local Geelong based installers & suppliers.

A gas log fire can be installed when building a new home or as part of a renovation. As part of a renovation a gas log fire can be inserted into an existing fireplace or an inbuilt model can be used and a housing built around it.

Pictured here is a gas log fire installed at one of my coastal projects as part of a new build. The double sided Escea unit was surrounded in dry stone walling from Eco Outdoor either side & oak timber veneer mantle was built beneath the unit to allow for fire side seating.

Pictured above an Escea gas log fire at one of my recently completed projects. Stylish & Efficient Escea units can also be installed in just about any circumstances such as being inserted into a rammed earth wall as was the case here.

Pictured above is a gas log fire retro fitted into an existing fireplace as part of a significant renovation at Anakie. I chose to clad the of brickwork in drystone walling to echo the rocky outcrops surrounding the property.

Pictured above is a gas log fire retro fitted into an existing fireplace as part of a minor renovation in Newtown. I chose to reinstate the excising mantle & lay a stone hearth for authenticity.