I appreciate that engaging an Interior Designer is a daunting step for many people. They are often concerned that their job is too small or that it will be expensive to employ an interior designer or that they won’t like the end result.

They needn’t worry, as interior designers such as myself are happy to work on any size projects whether it is simply helping to select paint colours or overseeing a floor to ceiling renovation. An Interior Designer will actually save you money by helping you to make the correct design decisions & to make well thought out purchases. They will put you in touch with reliable & reasonably priced trades people & source you distinctive products at the best price.

Interior Designers like myself want to create individual spaces that are tailored to their client’s lifestyle, taste & budget. Always ensuring that you absolutely love the choices that we help you to make.

The best way to work with an interior designer is to be clear about what you want to achieve; by compiling a list of all the items you wish to address, by collecting some imagery of design styles that you like, by sharing some details about yourself, by being straightforward about your budget & honest in your opinion.

Compile at list of all the items you wish to address…

Is it the kitchen, the window furnishings, the lounge suite or everything?

What are your must have items?

If you’ve done any prior research, have that at hand.

Point out any items or features that you wish to keep.

The more information you can share, the better.

Be sure to tell your interior designer what you love & what you hate. What you simply can’t live without & what you might be able to compromise on.

If you hate carpet or certain colours or clutter you should share that information up front, likewise if you have to have a footstool or an open fireplace or need to accommodate a piano let them know. The more details you can give the decorator the more accurate they can be with your design.

Put together some imagery that shows the kind of look or looks that you like…

Show your interior designer as many images as you can of rooms, homes & things that you like.

Many people keep a scrapbook or a Pinterest board or Houzz ideas book; please share this with your interior designer. They are a great way to give your interior designer an idea of what you are envisioning but struggling to achieve on your own.

Images from websites, Pinterest or Instagram or cut outs from magazines, whatever the source, it will give your interior designer a clear idea of what you like. Terms like “contemporary”, “sophisticated”, “luxe”, “Hamptons” & “beachy” can be interpreted in many different ways, where as images show exactly what you mean.

Your interior designer can then discuss with you exactly how that look can be achieved in your space, on your budget.

Share some details about yourself…

Tell the your interior designer who you are, what your hobbies are, what you do for a living, where you like to holiday, what sports you are involved with. Tell them if you hate cleaning or love cooking. Show them any décor items you treasure. Tell them what brands you like & which you don’t. The more information you share, the more your interior designer can help to reflect you & your style in your home.

Be up front about your budget…

Don’t be embarrassed if you think it’s too small, things can always be done in stages & it is your interior designer’s job to get creative & help you spend your budget wisely so you get the best results. Assisting you to perhaps economise in some areas so you can splurge in other. Also don’t be cagey if you have a sizeably budget,  good interior designers will give you pricing options so you can choose from a range of different priced items & concepts.

& Be honest…

If something is suggested to you that you don’t like whether it be an idea or product, then say so.  Another idea can always be formulated or an alternative product can be found. If you don’t understand something, then ask your Interior Designer to explain how it will work/look/happen. It’s important that you understand what you’ll be getting.

I hope you now feel confident to engage an interior designer for your next project & if you’re in the regions of Greater Geelong or Hobart feel free to contact me.