Interior Designer, Geelong

Great rooms begin with great “bones”. As an interior designer, Kylie Sargent will design a space from the floor up to deliver functionality, optimise the shape and physical features and ready the room for the addition of your unique style with interior decorating.

Interior home design is a craft best managed by a professional who is experienced in understanding clients’ needs and balancing building/carpentry requirements and budgets with aesthetic “wants”. A professional interior home design consultant will work with other nominated professionals/tradespeople to ensure an outstanding result.

Kylie is a practised interior design consultant, specialising in interior house design, including living room design, bedroom design and office design.

As an interior designer, Kylie’s services include:

  • kitchen and bathroom design
  • furniture layout
  • cabinetry design
  • lighting and electrical layout.

Find out more about Kylie Sargent and interior decorating in Geelong and surrounding areas. Contact Kylie directly to discuss turning your personal design brief into reality.