Looking at an empty space & wondering how to furnish it or looking at an already furnished space & wondering how to change it, is a daunting task for many homeowners. If you are struggling with the layout & furnishing of any room in your house then you’ll find the services of an interior decorator extremely helpful.

Interior decorators & designers have the experience, know how & imagination to furnish empty rooms or overhaul previously furnished rooms.

We can walk into your home & advise you on what’s working & what’s not.

We can tell you what size furniture you should purchase & how to arrange it for both functionality & beauty.

We can give a room the correct focal points & draw the eye away from unsightly air conditioners or ducting.

We can create layout plans for you so you can visualize how the room will look before you commit to any changes or purchases.

For simply projects I like to present my clients with a couple of layout options in 2D & 3D.

The images below show 2 different room configurations that I recently created for a lovely Geelong family who were struggling to make there living room feel cozy. They wanted a living room that could be used as both a family space & an inviting place to entertain friends. The 2 options display some of the families existing furniture & some pieces they are looking to purchase all correctly proportioned to scale in their front living room. With this imagery they were able to decide confidently how to furnish their living room & invest in furniture without any concerns.

Layout 2 2D Layout 2 3D Layout 1 2DLayout 1 3D

If you need some help visualising your next interior project I can produce some layout plans of your home & help you to find suitable, correctly proportioned, beautiful furnishings.